Knowledge Platform Continues AFS Asia Kakehashi Project + in 2024

Knowledge Platform, a leading multinational company specialising in innovative learning solutions, is proud to present the AFS Asia Kakehashi + Scholarship 2024. The opportunity offers three lucky Pakistani students a fully-funded chance to embark on a life-changing high school intercultural exchange program in Japan for five months.
As an affiliate of AFS Intercultural Programs, Knowledge Platform has been instrumental in providing Pakistani students with enriching experiences in Japan over the past six years. Knowledge Platform is glad to continue this tradition by offering the Scholarship in 2024, which is designed to foster global perspectives, cultural understanding, and personal growth among young learners.
The scholarship application process, detailed below, is straightforward.
1. Visit to complete the online application form.
2. Eligible applicants will receive an email, including their user account details.
3. The online test will be live on our 1on1quiz platform on February 17th and 18th.
4. Sign up at using the user account provided in the email. (students who do not use the same account will not be entertained)
5. Take the online test under the “Asia Kakehashi Project + 2024” banner.
6. You will have 30 minutes to complete the online test.
7. The top 50 participants will receive an email on February 21 for the first interview scheduled from the 22nd to the 26th of February.
8. The top 10 students will be announced on February 27, and they will receive an email for the final interview with AFS India from the 27th to the 29th of March.
9. Winners and waitlisted students will be announced on April 5.
Applicants should ensure accuracy and completeness in their submissions, as incomplete applications will not be considered. The deadline for applications is February 15, 2024.
The AFS Asia Kakehashi + Scholarship opens doors to personal transformation, intercultural experiences, and lifelong friendships. Knowledge Platform is committed to empowering students with global perspectives and nurturing their potential as future leaders in an interconnected world.
Participating in the intercultural exchange program will give selected students invaluable insights into Japanese culture, enhance their language skills, and develop their appreciation for diversity. This fully funded scholarship initiative reflects Knowledge Platform’s dedication to fostering global citizenship and creating opportunities for educational excellence.
Mahboob Mahmood, CEO of Knowledge Platform, expressed his enthusiasm about the opportunity, saying, “At Knowledge Platform, we believe in the power of education to shape minds and transcend borders. We are excited to present the AFS Asia Kakehashi + Scholarship, enabling Pakistani students to immerse themselves in a transformative intercultural exchange program in Japan. This scholarship represents our commitment to providing students with life-changing experiences and nurturing their growth as global citizens.”
Join the ranks of previous scholarship recipients and embark on a journey that will shape your future. Don’t let this chance slip away – apply now and embrace the remarkable adventure that awaits you!
About Knowledge Platform:
Knowledge Platform is a leading multinational company at the forefront of innovative learning solutions. With a global presence, Knowledge Platform is dedicated to transforming education and empowering students to thrive in an ever-evolving world. As an esteemed affiliate of AFS Intercultural Programs, Knowledge Platform is proud to offer the AFS Asia Kakehashi + Scholarship, enabling Pakistani students to experience the life-changing benefits of high school intercultural exchange programs in Japan.
For additional information on Knowledge Platform, please get in touch with Numra Shahid, Community Executive, at, or contact Umair Ali, Director of Outreach and Engagement, Knowledge Platform, at


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