Financial Literacy

The Financial Literacy Series

The National Financial Literacy Program for Youth (NFLP-Y), serves as a core component of the State Bank of Pakistan’s ambitious 5-year National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS). The NFIS has been created as a ‘strategy for building a dynamic and inclusive financial sector to support Pakistan’s growth in the 21st century’, and as such maintains focus on the youth bulge at the bottom of the demographic pyramid

-The Benefits-


Teaching Financial Literacy Through Story-Telling & Gameplay

The series is designed on the principle of teaching through storytelling and gameplay. Learners will follow the story of three enterprising children as they build a successful business selling pomegranates and juice. Narrative stories are an engaging and successful method of learning because they create long-lasting impressions on our minds and behavior. Students remember and often use what they’ve learned from stories in real life.


Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship

The story has been carefully developed to not only teach financial literacy, but also to focus learners on the benefits of entrepreneurship and ethical dealings. The core concepts of entrepreneurship, such as profit & loss, risk taking & delayed gratification, and strategic thinking using financial projections form the overarching theme of this series. This unique mix, encouraging better financial management and entrepreneurship among young Pakistanis, can promote equitable economic growth in the country.

How does this solution work?

This solution offers learners three different learning tools: printed workbooks with a training manual, videos, and a digital game with interactive activities.

Online Content and Game

Following the findings of our Teaching Needs Assessment (TNA), 55 videos in English and Urdu for all three age-groups have been created and hosted on KP’s Learning Management System (LMS). To keep users engaged and to facilitate the completion of content hosted on our LMS, we have developed a gamified approach. All content is served through a game called ‘PomPak’, through which a user progresses by earning gems to unlock of levels.

Interactive questions follow each module to assess the knowledge of the students. Students who complete the course are awarded with a Certificate of Financial Literacy!

Offline materials

Below are the workbooks that form the offline component of the series:

  • Financial Literacy Series Level 1 (One Pomegranate, Two Pomegranate) Ages 5 – 8 under development).
  • Financial Literacy Series Level 2 (The Pomegranate Tree) Ages 9 – 12.
  • Financial Literacy Series Level 3 (Pomegranate Juice) Ages 13 – 17.
  • Financial Literacy Series Level 4 (The Pomegranate Enterprise) Ages 18 – 29.

Training manual

To aid trainers and teachers in effectively delivering the content present in these workbooks, Knowledge Platform has also developed a comprehensive training manual. Additionally, a series of rigorous Train the Trainer sessions (TOTs) have also been conducted wherein participants are trained on content delivery, training pedagogies and best practices in training.